Perfect Love

20170928_090734When I was about 6 years old, my grandmother taught me how to crochet. I remember it was on lavender yarn. I made myself a “belt” that was only a single chain wide (because that’s all I knew how to do.) I tied it around my waist and wore it everywhere. I was pretty proud of my new fashion.
I was cleaning out my Gram’s closet a few months ago and came across her old crochet bag. It was still full of hooks and yarn. I haven’t seen her crochet (or knit) in years. I suppose it’s because her eye sight has gotten too bad, although I never have asked.
I still crochet sometimes myself. I think it is relaxing. I don’t attempt intricate designs. A basic infinity scarf is about as complex as I get. I just enjoy keeping my hands busy while I’m watching TV. Sometimes our dog, Pearl, thinks the scarf is a blanket and tries to cuddle while I crochet. Its a known rule in our house that you cannot have a blanket on your lap without Pearl crawling underneath. She’s very snuggley. I normally just put the yarn aside and let her lay there. Let sleeping dogs lie (literally).
A few weeks ago, I picked up some yarn. I decided to crochet a blanket. I have taken my time with it, really trying to enjoy every stitch I put in. The blanket is for our son. He should be here in about three months time. We’re trying to buy everything he needs to be ready for him. I didn’t want to buy his first blanket though. I mean, the blankets at the store are probably softer and prettier. I’m sure I’ve missed a stitch somewhere along the line. He’ll have plenty of those perfect blankets too. Babies need lots of blankets. But his first blanket will be riddled with imperfections. Maybe there’s a snag.. Or probably some dog hair from Pearl jumping on my lap. But no blanket at the store could possibly be made with as much love.
I am picturing the moment when he is wrapped in this imperfect blanket, in Mikel’s arms, and our lives will be whole. Three months feels like a million years away, but I know the time is coming. Not yet, but soon though.. Soon.

2 thoughts on “Perfect Love

  1. Andie I am thrilled beyond word for all of you. Baby Ross is going to have parents who will love him in a way that most parents don’t. What I mean is you have a level of understanding that babies Don’t Come Easy. You’ve learned that through your journey and I’m sure you will never take for granted the precious moments of Parenthood. I don’t know if I’ve told you but my daughter struggled for many years and invested tens of thousands of dollars to finally have her baby. He’s six months old and truly a joy in our lives. More than most moms she’s struggled him and looks at him she knows every hair on his ears and relishes in the every smile and laugh and cry and poop. Can’t wait to see his little face and to see him wrapped in that imperfect love blanket that you’ve created for him. Your journey has been inspiring to me just watching you be faithful and courageous reminds me that we all have that in it and that when we harness it our God delivers. Thank you for being open and for sharing. You guys are going to be great parents.


    1. Oh Laurna, holy cow. You made me cry. First of all, congratulations on being a grandma! I am so happy for you and your family ❤ And thank you for your support. I’ve said a thousand times that we’re on this path for a reason. Every bump in the road was meant to teach us a lesson. A lesson that we learned very early was not to take anything for granted. As hard as its been, my faith has only grown stronger. I think that this blog has been a great outlet for me. I am glad people have embraced how open I’ve been. It’s very scary to put yourself out there like this, but it worked! Or son will be here soon!


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